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Here at Artisan Aquaponics, our goal is to make
home gardening easier with technology, education,
and community support.

Gardening Solutions

Here at Artisan Aquaponics, our goal is to make home
gardening easier with technology, education, and
community support.

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Why The Traditional Form of Gardening is
Both Labor and Resource Intensive.

There are a lot of reasons why the traditional form of gardening is both labor and resource intensive. Think about it, you need to irrigate, fertilize, and weed your plants. This takes a lot of pesticides, water, and/or the fuel and manual labor to produce food.

Wouldn’t it be Better if all those needs were taken care of Naturally?

That’s what aquaponic systems do. These systems combine the growth of aquatic life—usually fish—and plants in a controlled, recirculating environment. These systems create a “biologically automated” ecosystem—which means they basically circulate on their own—that conserves water, produces plants and fish, and only requires minimal effort from the grower to sustain.

About Us

Aquatisan was founded with a lofty goal in mind: to make healthy food accessible.

At many times in my life, I’ve allowed my health to take a back seat. During graduate school, I spent long nights in the lab eating quick and cheap food. It was an unhealthy cycle that had to change.

But, at the time, there were only two ways to get nutritious food: (1) Expensive organic grocery stores; (2) Labor-intensive traditional gardening.

So, I gave traditional gardening a try. The only problem was I traveled for work, visiting clients all week and neglecting my garden until the weekend. I was on the road with less access to healthy food and maintaining my garden became impossible.

I needed a way to take control of my health without sacrificing my time and money. It turns out there was a simpler solution, aquaponics—the symbiotic growth of plants and fish in a recirculating system.

This gardening method “Lets the Water Do the Work” instead of the gardener producing both vegetables and protein. We believe everyone has the right to nutritious food. That’s why we work with you to create beautiful and functional garden centerpieces that provide a year-round source of nutrient-dense food right in your backyard.

Join our community and take control of your food source with us!

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Let the Water Do the Work

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